Photo History

Friday, November 11, 2011

Before night shift

Went to find dear at his house, we went to sembawang hill food centre to makan lunch, before that I reached his place while he was showering. So while waiting for him, I hid in the room beside him and gave him a surprise shock once he came out. It was a hilarious and fun scene which I will never forget hahahhahas what fun day today was. Then since it was raining we brought his umbrella and when going back to his house from lunch, dear had used his umbrella for support and the handle became crooked so I laughed at him thinking it was due to him putting his whole weight in the umbrella. But it turned out that he was about to slip and fell that's why.

In the attempt to revive the umbrella handle, I accidentally snapped the handle off the whole umbrella and he kept laughing at me saying it was a retribution for scaring him. Hahaahhas wwhat an eventful afternoon we had today!! Now I'm gonna sleep as I have night shift waiting for me. Till then

Monday, April 27, 2009


Toa Payoh.What so great about it. Well, Everything.. This is where i live half of my life. I used to live in Tampines but shift to Toa Payoh when my sister was born. This is where all my childhood memories took place. Toa Payoh is filled with warmth and love, and don't forget happiness.

Time passes but the atmosphere around it still remain the same. Despite that, the memoirs still kept tightly in my heart. Nothing can cause me to forget Toa Payoh. There is so many interesting places that remind me of Toa Payoh. Most of the places was filled with countless good memories. Places of interest for me is the Toa Payoh Central. Its where one can find their necessary needs. There the Toa Payoh library where you can spend your after school time to borrow books for self-reading or school purposes.

Weekend was always filled with fun and happiness. This happiness was shared with families and childhood friends. I can still remember the day when and my close cousins and some adult, venturing through an old school in Toa Payoh. Its an ordinary school but was believed to be haunted. I was once a mischievous child with mind filled with curiosity and questions about everything I encountered. Every time we reminisced about that incident, laughter would fill the air. We were like little kids of Toa Payoh searching for fun but ended up in an old,haunted school.

Well, fun wasn't the only thing that is in Toa Payoh.. Its Food... It can be found all around Toa Payoh. Local food to western food. It can be found anywhere. Where ever you turn, there's a food court that sells your choice food or other unrecognized food that may be drool over.

Even though Toa Payoh is small, it is big in its content. Toa Payoh its a hall of fame filled with memories that is imprinted on the heartlanders heart forever.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Toa Payoh..Love It

Toa payoh have always been the place i loved. It was a swamp before but became a beautiful city as years goes by and becoming the favourite hotspot for the young and old heartlanders. Toa Payoh is always been the place i've belong, where i live and also the start of my primary school education till now being in secondary3.

Toa Payoh is my heartland where i hang out and also the place which i spent with my parents for the past 15 years. I've always anticipated the weekend as it is the only day i can enjoy the moment with families and friends around. I love going to my previous primary school that is the 'Pei Chun Public School' which is located at lorong6. That is the place where my education got serious but also the best moment spent with all my new friends.

The moment was unforgettable. I remember always going to the fish pond with my friends during recess just to chit-chat and i remember there was a piano there for students to play. Once, someone i don't know fell into the fish pond while a student was playing the piano. Everyone was initially enjoying the piece till that moment, it was chaotic as people were laughing, pointing fingers at that particular guy. It was really a unforgettable experience for me and my friends.

Now, in secondary school, it is a fun experience for me as i get to know friends of different characters and personality.i learn to communicate with different kinds of people and also trains me to use different tone to different people. life in Toa Payoh is fun and exciting. it is full of memories and fun things to do. People around are amiable and great. i love Toa Payoh.