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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Toa Payoh..Love It

Toa payoh have always been the place i loved. It was a swamp before but became a beautiful city as years goes by and becoming the favourite hotspot for the young and old heartlanders. Toa Payoh is always been the place i've belong, where i live and also the start of my primary school education till now being in secondary3.

Toa Payoh is my heartland where i hang out and also the place which i spent with my parents for the past 15 years. I've always anticipated the weekend as it is the only day i can enjoy the moment with families and friends around. I love going to my previous primary school that is the 'Pei Chun Public School' which is located at lorong6. That is the place where my education got serious but also the best moment spent with all my new friends.

The moment was unforgettable. I remember always going to the fish pond with my friends during recess just to chit-chat and i remember there was a piano there for students to play. Once, someone i don't know fell into the fish pond while a student was playing the piano. Everyone was initially enjoying the piece till that moment, it was chaotic as people were laughing, pointing fingers at that particular guy. It was really a unforgettable experience for me and my friends.

Now, in secondary school, it is a fun experience for me as i get to know friends of different characters and personality.i learn to communicate with different kinds of people and also trains me to use different tone to different people. life in Toa Payoh is fun and exciting. it is full of memories and fun things to do. People around are amiable and great. i love Toa Payoh.

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