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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay,to start of,i don't live in Toa Payoh.But since the age of 6,i have been regularly visiting Toa payoh almost twice every week,and now because of my school,i go to Toa Payoh everyday.I'll first state my impression of Toa Payoh.To me,Toa Payoh is almost like a second home to me,meeting friend's,making friends,learning new things there and most of all it has such a lively atmosphere that arouses everybody's anxiety's.

The first time i went to Toa Payoh was probably around 5 years old,as i attended swimming lessons at the Toa Payoh swimming complex.Talk about fun!everybody in the pool will always take a delight in swimming in the cool waters,and some even pee in it.Yes,impossible as it may seem,it's true!I have even experienced the baby pool feeling warm and hot,with a sour taste inside it,now that really made an impression on me!

So basically,even though Toa Payoh has made many changes,i'll still remember those experiences that it has given me,the thing's it has taught me,and how lively the place still is despite all the changes here and there.

There are many hot spot's in Toa payoh.Like for example the Toa Payoh sports area,the tree temple,the Toa Payoh garden and the Mosque muhajirin.Each of the hotspot's that were mentioned each have their own unique history.For the tree temple,legend has it that in the early 1960s,when land had to be cleared to make way for the New Town,an engineer who attempted to remove the tree crushed to death under his own vehicle!After that incident,this tree was believed to be spiritual,and the residents later than build a little shrine since 1969 with their offerings.

But the best hotspot in Toa Payoh i feel is the Toa Payoh sport's area.Firstly,it has everything essential there about sports,and the travelling distance between each area is so short!from swimming to playing soccer,it's just a brisk walk of about 2 minutes to get to the other area.So it's the best best best hotspot in Toa Payoh and we LOVE it!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

As a resident of Toa Payoh since I was as young as eight, the memoirs I have are indelibly etched in my mind. I feel that Toa Payoh is a place filled family warmth and love, maybe due to the fact that this is where I belong since it's the place I grew up. No doubt, this is a place that brings back all my childhood memories.

As the time passes, things around changes; let alone it be the appearance and concept of Toa Payoh. However, no matter what changes may be made, there are some things that'd never be gone. That'd be none other than the memories being left behind, always kept in my heart.

I remember during my younger days, I always anticipated weekends and holidays as only during these times I would be able to stay over at my grandparents' place. As I have many cousins living near my grandparents, we play and live together since young. Apart from that, we even know each and everyone of our childhood friends! There was countless games that we've played together, umpteen quarrels or even misunderstandings and making up after five minutes. In my memory, those days were nothing but happiness. Sorrowful memories seem to be shadowed by all the happiness that took place. I personally feel that Toa Payoh is a place that allows one to reminisce and feel as if they are a child once again due to the environment. Albeit the elderly population over here is increasing, the facilities are still suited to the elders and younger children. An example would be hop-scotch. Think back and you'd realize that this is not as omnipresent as it was once, before. Even the playground which were once laid out with sand are now replaced with those with rubber foam.

Some thing that has never changed over the past few years or probably even, decades, would be the delicacies and delicious food found in Toa Payoh. Small it may seem; but when it comes to tempting food that'd make one drool by just a look at it, Toa Payoh will never let you down. Furthermore, there's a huge variety of different races food for you to try out!

A hot spot of Toa Payoh that I often frequent would be none other than the Toa Payoh Sports Area, as it consists of the stadium. Did you know, in fact, there's a history behind the Toa Payoh Sports Area? Singapore hosted the 7th Southeast Asian Peninsular (SEAP) there, in 1973, for the first time as a new nation and Toa Payoh was to play a very essential role in hosting the games. Today, Toa Payoh Sports Area is rather significant to many people living and studying in this district as residents would pay a visit to the Gym for workout, swimming pool for a swim and stadium for either a run or perhaps, jog. Schools around this area have their Sports Day held at the stadium too! Some schools also make use of the swimming pool for swimming activities for their CCA. In addition, the stadium is also going to be used for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) next year, 2010.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toa Payoh!

Toa Payoh is a rather popular place in Singapore.Toa Payoh is not the place where I grow up in.Singapore is not my homeland.But I can feel the sense of warmess from the people and environment."Toa Payoh"it sound so unfamiliar to me,only when I was posted to First Toa Payoh Secondary School.I get adapted to this place slowly.Soon I had a sense of belonging to the school,to Toa Payoh.

Toa Payoh,have many interesting story about it past,and now too.Audition of Singing competition had once held at Toa Payoh hub,audition of singapore idol too.Many occassion take place there.

Toa Payoh is a convenient place for people to travel to and fro.Toa Payoh is also a place where i hope to live in.Toa Payoh has a pleasant history and I believe it will have a better future!(:
Serena Leong 5N2
Toa Payoh is one of the most popular places in Singapore. Although I don't frequent Toa Payoh, once i come back from other places to toa payoh, there is a sense of warmness here. When i was young, my parents often took my family to the Toa Payoh Garden to enjoy the scenery and the environment of the garden. Whenever we pass by the garden, my parents often remind me of the memories we have there.
Another place that is convenient is the Toa Payoh Stadium. Since i was in primary school, my school used to go there for sports carnival. I used to run for my team in the stadiumm too. Now that I am in secondary school, i realised that alot of schools use Toa Payoh Stadium for their sports carnival too. I guess its because its convenient and easy to book. Most elderlys also go there to sit down and relax, most probably its because of the quiet scenery.
Many people come from other places to toa payoh to dine too. Even MediaCorp sends their artiste to try the food stalls in toa payoh. This will also promote the popularity of the food stalls.
Toa Payoh is also the central area, which makes many people feel convenient in going to other areas, which is not very far away from toa payoh since its the central area.
There's also a library in toa payoh which causes convenience to the students when they wants to find a place to do their homework or to study. After studying, they can also go to the cinemas to watch movies for leisure and entertainment. It is also one way to destress themselves.
Overall, I think that toa payoh is a very nice and peaceful place which attracts people to come here. Compared to other places, Toa Payoh is also one of the most frequent places that people come to.

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Lynnette - 5N1

Toa Payoh Garden

Toa Payoh Interchange
Toa Payoh Tree Temple

Lian Shan Monastery

Toa payoh 40 storey Building.

Toa Payoh has many different cultures and a legend behind everything. The first place which has an air-condition interchange is located at Toa Payoh central. At toa payoh central, we have a famous tree temple and now Toa Payoh is the only place which have the tree temple. Over the years, Lian Shan Monastery had being a target for tourism.

It is also a place where my family and I would gather together every weekend for dinner. Over there, they sell delicious food. They also had a number of fast food restaurants. Although I don’t stay in toa payoh, but still, for Chinese new year preparation, my family and I would go there and shop for grocery. It is a place where you can find a lot of mini shop with affordable clothes, accessories etc. My impression about toa payoh when I was very young is when my mum first bought me there to but my New Year clothes when I was the age of 5 at that time, I found that the place is so dirty and stuffy and I hate. But guess what? As I grew older, I begin to like and get use to it.

Toa Payoh has a lot of old estate and now it had been upgraded to beautiful buildings. One of the famous hdb flat in Toa Payoh is the 40th building because it is the first hdb flat that had a sky garden. You can see nice scenery at night. Toa Payoh also had a heart of compassion because it is the first KFC that hire deaf workers. It touches my heart when I got to know this news.
Toa payoh is a hang out place for me and my friends. The place we often hang out is known as “entertainment.” As long as someone mentions that place, people definitely know where it is. I like Toa Payoh’s environment and its beautiful sight when it reaches the night.
Great leisure, Great facilities. That is what Toa Payoh is make up of!

Posted by : angela 5n2

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello Friends,
I am very glad to be a part of this trail.
I lived in Toapayoh(TPY) since 5-6years ago when
me and my family moved house here from Woodlands.
Said Bye to Woodland & Said Hi to Tpy,
when i was 12years old that year and then was studying
in one of the neighbourhood school nearby, Kheng Cheng School.
Once i asked my mum what is the reason that made us
moved to TPY. She replied :
cause is more convenient
to travel from TPY to other places
(: TPY is just like in the
center of th Singapore mapp & for her the most important
is : we doesnt need to travel for about an hour plus
to myy grandma house every weekendd.

started to agree with her, when i got myy first job
last year at takashimaya (Orchard) :D I dint have to
wake upp so early to prepare for work compared to
some of myy working friends, cause myy travel time
from tpy to orchard is only needs to take about half an hour(:
Other then is convenient ; those people who i got to know
in TPY, they are friendly, caring, and nice toos (:
I love ToaPayoh ! okays , Let me begin to describe
Toa Payoh in the Hokkien dialect means "big swamp land".
The word 'Payoh' originates from the Malay word 'paya' for swamp.
This extensive district was quite notorious for the numerous
squatters who were mainly engaged in farming and rearing pigs.
Toa Payoh town is just 6km away from the city centre.
It is well-served by the expressways and major roads
as well as excellent public transportation. The town is
bounded by Braddell Road and Bartley Road to the north,
Upper Paya Lebar Road to the east, MacPherson Road
and Jalan Toa Payoh to the south and Thomson Road to the west.
There are Two MRT stations within the town,
namely, Toa Payoh MRT station and Braddell MRT station.
Situated above Toa Payoh MRT station is the
new air-conditioned Toa Payoh Bus Interchange,
itself integrated with the HDB Centre. The bus interchange
is a major transportation hub serving not only the needs
of town residents in and around Toa Payoh,
but also links residents to other parts of the Singapore.
Toa Payoh has developed a distinct character through the years.
The area bustles with activity and is a great place to soak into
the local lifestyle. Both residents/visitors will impress themselves
with a wide range of merchandise, food and entertainment options.
Here you can pick up garments at attractively low prices-
T-shirts and shorts at SGD 10 for three items or
children's clothes for as little as SGD 2.
Toa Payoh town centre
has its own cinemas, hawker centres, coffee shops,
foodcourts, fast food restraurant like Macdonal, Kfc,
Mos burger, Burger king... ... a community library
and a nearby neighbourhood park.
Dont forget to
explore the first L-shaped shopping mall built in the 1960s!
In the 1920s, Toa Payoh was a vast stretch of swampy
land with vegetable farms, fishponds and dwelling huts.
It was a notorious squatter district then; until the early 1960s
when the squatters moved out and clearing work was able
to commence. That was when the redevelopment started.
Toa Payoh was the first prototype town centre in Singapore.
Within walking distance of Toa Payoh MRT Station
is the Lian Shan Shuang Lin Si ("Twin Grove of Lotus Mountain Temple"),
located at 184E Jalan Toa Payoh. Whilst the rest of the temples
featured in this website have Taoist origins,
this temple commemorates the birth and demise of Buddha.
Construction of the temple took about 11 years to complete
(from 1898 to 1908)and it was funded by a Hokkien merchant
by the name of Low Kim Pong, who was a devout Buddhist .
The temple sits on 2 hectares of land.
It has an elaborately decorated gateway which opens
in a courtyard with exquisitely carved Buddhas.
There's still some more places/thing in Tpy that
made it special, but now is already 1.3oam and
I will still need to go school tomorrow morning for
lessons, will update more next time , sorryy D:
anws I took some photos from googles and yahoo.
It will shows you how Tpy looks like in the past
andd how does it looks like now. for info :
I put caption on the photo that i going to upload.
goodnights friends (: JOLYN 5N2 ~


Toa Payoh Trail


I live in Toa Payoh since i came to Singapore until now. I am very grad this is where I live. It's a good and convenient place to live. Toa Payoh provides us a better environment and gives us a better standard of living.

For example, Toa Payoh interchange is the first air-conditioned bus interchange in the country, which was completed in 2002 and officially opened by then Transport Minister.

The interchange has many bus routes ,so it is very convenient if you need to go to anywhere in Singapore.Besides the bus , it has a direct connection from the bus interchange to the Toa Payoh MRT Station on the North South Line.

The bus interchange also participated in the Exercise Northstar V( Anti-Terrorism Exercise) on January 8, 2006.

Except of the convenient transportantion, Toa Payoh is also providing quality healthcare,such as clinics,hospitals and medical research facilities. For instance, Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution.

Chung Hwa Medical Institution is one of the most established not-for-profit providers of complementary TCM services in Singapore. It was established in 1952 and currently operates 4 clinics in the country. It is associated with Singapore Chinese Physicians Association, the largest TCM practitioner organisation in Singapore.It also is the largest traditional Chinese medicine academic organization in Singapore.

Toa payoh polyclinics also is example. It is near my house and I would like to go there when I was sick. It also gives good services and medical amenities.

Toa Payoh Town Park is also the first park in Singapore.It was developed in the 1970. It was a very popular for wedding couples, especially those recapturing fashion of the 1970s. The main features of the park are the observation tower and the landscaped pond surrounded by willowing trees. Today, the Toa Payoh Town is now furnished with amenities such as open-concept restrooms, a large pavilion with stage for organized activities, rustic-looking gazebos for the relaxation of visitors and brightly coloured pathways for an enjoyable stroll or jog around the park. The observation tower has also been rejuvenated.

It also is a good place for leisure. We always can see many senior citizens came to the park and chat or jogging.

And the last,

This is the scene taken from 11th floor in my house. I like it very much!!! cause there is a small shop at downstairs. And it sells many many many .................................good things.....................haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^
Done by Huang Bailu 5N1

I like going to Toa Payoh, especially the town centre. It is surrounded by separated neighbourhoods, each with its own shopping amenities and community centres, well served by a network of vehicular roads and generous open space separating them.

Nevertheless, with time, the Toa Payoh Town Centre has become increasingly popular. It has a busy atmosphere because, as with many shopping malls of the time, all commercial activities are concentrated along a single mall with high point blocks on either side and major department stores at each end. The shopping mall has two plazas, one with a branch library and cinema, the other with an area office and a post office. Each plaza has a department store at either end.

The HDB Hub comprises two wings, an atrium, four commercial building blocks, a leisure and learning centre and a three-storey basement parking lot. The building also accommodates Singapore's first fully air-conditioned Toa Payoh Bus Interchange and integrates it with the existing Toa Payoh MRT Station.

Choy Kar Yen 5n1

toa payoh.

hello people!

honestly, i don't know much about toa payoh. i don't really come here that much unless i come to school of course. but after finding out more information of the place where my school is, i found it a more interesting place. judging by the previous posts by my schoolmates, i guess everyone already knows that toa payoh in hokkien is 'big swamp'. there is also a cemetry that was previously in the area and the area is well known for that cemetry. creepy.. but that is toa payoh in the olden days. how is toa payoh like now? well, toa payoh is a very convenient place for everyone. there are many housing estates, residential blocks and skyscrapers. many residents move here due to the conveniency of this area. at toa payoh central, there is a bus interchange where there are many different bus services. there is also an mrt station at toa payoh. entertainment can also be found in toa payoh. there is a building 'Entertainment Centre', where there is a cinema and an arcade. there are many food varieties too, for those who are food-lovers like myself. there are many different hawkers selling their food speciality from their ethnic groups. yum yum. for those who love to work out and keep themselves fit and in shape, there is also a stadium, sports hall and swimming complex. there is also a town park nearby and you can take a walk or just feed the fishes. for bookworms, there is also a library. sometimes, there will also be 'pasar malam (night market)'. for other entertainment or recreational activities, SAFRA also provides such activities. there are also many fast-food outlets in toa payoh too, for those who prefers fast and convenient food. there are also supermarkets like NTUC Fairprice and Shop & Save in the toa payoh area.
frankly speaking, i think that the residents in toa payoh are very lucky to live here as it is so convenient for them.
Nicky (3E2)

Toa Payoh Trail

Toa Payoh, once a vast stretch of swampy land back in the 1920s is now developed with blocks of high-rise flat and a mini shopping arcade. I lived in Toa Payoh since 17 years ago when I was born, there are too many memories to share. I remember when I was a child, I always like to whine and ask my mother to bring me out to Toa Payoh Central.

Have you heard of the 1st air-conditioned bus interchange in Singapore? It is actually the well-known bus interchange at Toa Payoh Central! Over there, you could discover great food at several restaurants and hawker centres, cheap bargains at shops located along the street (handphone shops especially because of the intense competition there) and many others. Talking about food, there is a wide variety of KFC, Mcdonald's, Crystal Jade Kitchen, Pasta Mania, Delifrance ... you could find them all over there! And if you would like to have a stroll after meals at this food paradise, Toa Payoh Garden located just opposite the interchange is the best option. You can have a glimpse of these places i mentioned below:

Not forgetting the famous tree temple which I always go with my family, it is still around with many people visiting each day.

Toa Payoh is my hometown - a pleasant heartland area to live in. It is full of memories of my family, neighbours, as well as those childhood playmates I used to have.

POSTED by: Xuanhui 5N2

Toa Payoh central Toa Payoh National library

Toa Payoh is a central area that bustles with activity and it is a great place to soak into the local lifestyle. The town is just 6km away from the city centre. It is a well- served by the expressways and major roads as well as excellent public transportation. Besides, Toa Payoh central is the first Singapore's air-conditioned bus interchange. Both residents or visitors always enjoyed for the choices with a wide range of merchandise, food and entertainment options.Toa Payoh town has more than 36,600 units of flats with the majority 3-room followed by 4-room type of flats. Although i'm not a residents of Toa Payoh but i find the place interesting and nice to shop at. There are full of shops, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment area for people to spend their time shopping and relaxing with their friends. Furthermore, there is also National library, a quiet and comfortable place that makes a choice for students to study, do research and borrow books. It is a joy to shop and spend time in Toa Payoh, where there are lots of fun places and activities that never fails to make a great satisfaction for many people.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am so glad and honoured to post my views.I am familiar with this name since last 2years.Toapayoh is the first place which i heared more about ,ignoring orchard.Beacuse the most i was worried about my studies when i came to singapore at end of year 2007.There was no place in any schools.Toapayoh has been luckiest place for me as i got admission in first toapayoh secondary school.Toapayoh is also one of my favorite place.Sometimes my friends tease me that my dating place would be toapayoh as well because whenever they ask for outing the first place i point out is toapayoh.Its very calm especially toapayoh interchange with air conditioners and available with everything.Things are not very expensive and most of them are girlly.
Hello everyone!!!I am so happy and honoured to contribute this trail.And it is first time i am blogging, so please forgive me if i make any mistakes :) Although i am studying in Toa Payoh,it is sad to say that i am not really familiar with Toa payoh... So i take my time surf internet to know more about Toa Payoh

I learn that Toa PayohTown Centre was the first prototype in Singapore. It is surrounded by separated neighbourhoods, each with its own shopping amenities and community centres, well served by a network of vehicular roads and generous open space separating them. The result, as in the English new towns of the 1950s, is that residents tend less to travel to the main town centre but rather to shop within their neighbourhood; if they travel, they go to Orchard Road or the town area via the MRT system, at the Toa Payoh MRT Station and the Braddel MRT Station, or public bus services at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.

I really happy to know something about Toa Payoh and it has very interesting places.I am really glad that i study at Toa Payoh...And i really love my school,friends and teachers...I think Toa Payoh is really good place to live as it has every facilities and it is in the central of Singapore... Well is all i have to say about Toa Payoh and it is one of my favourites places...


Toa Payoh Trail~


I am very honoured to be part of this trail~! Although i`m not a local student,But i live in Toa Payoh for quite alot of years and i love it just as much as my classmate do.

There are alot of places in Toa Payoh are interesting ,Such as Toa Payoh town park!

Toa Payoh town park tower was once a favorite place for weddingphoto and even now , it is still a good place to go with.

Toa Payoh is the of the earliest Public residential area,After few years of development . Toa Payoh forms its own unique style ,Toa Payoh is the best place to experience life in singapore.

Shopping in Toa Payoh is fun and cheap,$10 for 3 shirt,$2 for baby clothes,isn`t intersting? And Toa Payoh also have cinema,Coffee shop,Hawker center as well as the library!

Lastly,how can we forgot HDB while talking about Toa Payoh .HDB is one of the landmark of singapore!

I like Toa Payoh ^ ^

ZhuQing 5N1