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Friday, November 11, 2011

Before night shift

Went to find dear at his house, we went to sembawang hill food centre to makan lunch, before that I reached his place while he was showering. So while waiting for him, I hid in the room beside him and gave him a surprise shock once he came out. It was a hilarious and fun scene which I will never forget hahahhahas what fun day today was. Then since it was raining we brought his umbrella and when going back to his house from lunch, dear had used his umbrella for support and the handle became crooked so I laughed at him thinking it was due to him putting his whole weight in the umbrella. But it turned out that he was about to slip and fell that's why.

In the attempt to revive the umbrella handle, I accidentally snapped the handle off the whole umbrella and he kept laughing at me saying it was a retribution for scaring him. Hahaahhas wwhat an eventful afternoon we had today!! Now I'm gonna sleep as I have night shift waiting for me. Till then

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