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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I was surprised when the teachers approached me. I also felt proud and honoured to be part of this trail. Its exciting to research and know more about your neighbourhood.

The difficulties encountered were about the time. We worked in groups, so I did not have time to meet up regularly. It was hard to balance school work, my cca and the trail. I had to manage my time carefully so that our training sessions does not crash. Sometimes we also had difficulty finding the information I want as most of the website gives similar information.

The skills we have learnt is the Flash Amination. It requires alot of patience because we need to follow the steps to make an attactive animation. I really must thank Archie on that as he helped me through the process of making. It was a great experience.

My research was about the Queen Elizabeth coming to our Toa Payoh housing development board. In the 1990s, that time singapore was known for their flats, HDB. the Queen came to visit singapore to learn about the flats. Then again, she came during the 21th century to our neighbourhood. I remembered she wore a green striking hat that day as we crowded around the HDB flats. Its fun and interesting to learn about what Toa Payoh used to be, how it came about and on... I have enjoyed myself during the process of learning.


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Anonymous said...

I do feel honoured and proud to have been a part of the project too. Though there was difficuties along the way, we did our best and finished the project. I think all of us had the same problem, time. Managing school work and this trail but we did it and we should all be proud of ourselves.