Photo History

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When I was approached by the teachers to do this project, I didn't really know how to react because I myself was not sure of the history of Toa Payoh. I felt that this was going to be a bit of challenge because of the time constraint and that I have to spend hours on finding books about Toa Payoh but it was all worth it because now I know so much more about Toa Payoh. How it was once a big swamp to now towering bulidings all over and bustling people walking around. I felt happy and relieved at the same time because we were able to find loads of information and that I had play a part in letting people know more about Toa Payoh.

Mainly the difficulties that I experienced was spending alot time in the library under the cold. As there were many books, it takes some time to find the right book and I had to read it if I needeed the information for the trail. It was also difficult to find suitable pictures for the trail. Another challenge for me was the Flash Animation as I spent hours trying to make it look nice and beautiful. Sometimes, it does not turn out what I expected it to be and it frustated but nonetheless, with patience, I managed to complete it.

I have been equipped with the skills of Flash Animation and I attended a talk on finding the right information form the internet and books. It helped me alot because I was able to find the exact information I wanted. The flash animation also helped me because atleast now, I know a few tricks from Flash Animation.

I researched on the Toa Payoh Stadium and Swimming complex and found out that it was once used for the Olympics and that many people from other countries used the Stadium and the swimming complex to train then. Now, it is used for recreational activities and the stadium holds soccer matches and allows schools to hold their Sports Day Event there.


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